Cloning: The Playing God

          For almost a decade, there has been heated controversies here and there about the topic of cloning human beings. It was noted that cloning has been a breakthrough in the scientific field. This particular ingenuity has proved that the knowledge of great thinkers has never lost for they discover the use of cloning that it enables infertile procreation. Nevertheless, cloning isn’t specifically mentioned in the Bible which is why many alleged that cloning is not moral. Is cloning ethical or not? Should it be pursued?

   It all began when the research team in Scotland successfully announced that they cloned a sheep named Dolly from the udder cells of a ewe. The declaration of Dolly’s birth fascinated enormous press interest, perhaps because Dolly drew attention to the theoretical possibility of cloning humans. It was pointed out that the cloning of Dolly was “therapeutic” which suggests possible beneficial applications of cloning, which at the present time seem completely unjustified. The procedure in was simple enough that it would be possible that even for a human to be cloned.

‘Dolly’ the successfully cloned sheep

        The cloning of Dolly gave birth to the cloning of several mammal species that has resulted in many live births. Pigs, sheep, cows, cats, rodents and, most recently, a mule have been successfully cloned. The purpose of having the exact replica of the animals is to facilitate the genetic engineering of them. Animal cloning interests some food and drug industries if it could result in consistently.

        Animal cloning brought to the forefront a longstanding debate about cloning human beings. The possibility of human cloning has long fired the popular imagination, including in the world of popular entertainment like in the Island and The 6th day which are popular movies about cloning human beings. Human cloning was proved to have lots of benefits to mankind. The use of in-vitro methods of fertilization, donor eggs, donor sperm, and surrogate mothers has proved to be effective treatments for infertility.  Cloning technology might allow any couple or individual to reproduce with minimal genetic input from another part. It can provide significant research and possible spin-off technologies that can be related to reproduction and development. Cloning also can help cure diseases like diabetes and stroke. Scientists assured that cloning causes no harm to other people in a society. Prohibiting it, though, would violet the freedom of scientific inquiring.

                                   Korean Research in Dog Cloning

      Contrariwise, cloning is not written nor mentioned in the Bible. The only two verity that is indicated in the book of God is first, life begins early in the womb and second, God forms life. As proven in Psalms 100:3, ‘Know that the LORD Himself is God; it is He who has made us, and not we ourselves,’ God is the only Author of all life not the humans he made. This is the reason why cloning was believed to be the ‘Playing God’. This argument assumes that someone knows God’s intentions. That is why many religious groups find cloning unethical.

Medical Solution

        I do believe that cloning is an immoral act. Aside from my beliefs as a Christian, I do also consider individuality and uniqueness. It may disregard the normality of each individuals and naturally born twins. Another thing is that medical procedures for researches which are risky and needs and may affect different lives. It was also proven that those clones that do survive suffer from genetic abnormalities. Similar to the situation of Dolly, the clone cells of her ages abruptly thus shortening her lifespan.

         Cloning was torn to the choice of hope and fear. Hope in giving forth of infertile procreation and prolonging life. Fear of the Lord and breaking the principles and laws of ethics. Cloning is a tool that can be good or bad according to the way it is put into use. However, the fundamental value of human dignity remains a touchstone to guide us choosing the path right and wrong.

         It’s up to us whether we agree or not. Let us widen our minds in this particular issue. What important is what we believe in and what we think is best for the mankind.

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